July and August 2015 Events

After reaching candidacy for my DMA degree by getting to A.B.D. (“All But Dissertation”) status in May and getting married in June, July and August were full of traveling and music. I performed at the Under The Radar music festival in Omaha, NE with Atlas Percussion. Scott Shinbara, Kyle Maxwell-Doherty, and I have been friends and collaborators for years, leading to fun hangs and performances whenever we get together. It was great to contribute to the festival and check out many of the other parts of the program. The Under The Radar festival is definitely one of the up-and-coming new music festivals in the U.S. I was very impressed by the great quality and variety of artists and performances.

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After my trip to Omaha, I was out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the fourth year in a row at the Grand Teton Music Festival. I contribute to the festival by working stage crew and performing with the festival orchestra and the percussion ensemble. It’s a beautiful area and the weather is nearly perfect in July and August, leading to great hikes and outdoor experiences in addition to fantastic musical performances.

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